Best Utah Bands Featured Party Crashers Band As Live Music Entertainment For 1,500 Guest Zillow Group Client Appreciation Corporate Event At Topgolf in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV – Live performance music entertainment service Best Utah Bands featured renowned Party Crashers band at a 1,500 guest client appreciation corporate event for Zillow Group at a sprawling entertainment venue Topgolf in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 29, 2018.

Party Crashers in Las Vegas for a Zillow Corporate Event

“As always Party Crashers were a huge hit. Their stage presence is so strong and Jenny’s voice is so incredible. All of the singers are amazing and such great performers. I couldn’t imagine having to pick another band for our event. They have set the bar extremely high. And they sure know how to keep the dance floor full! I would say this year was a chart topper with how late a lot of our attendees stayed to dance the night away. The band is truly amazing and always impress. In fact, we already have a contract with the resort for next year and I would love to run the date by you to see if they are available to book again. Like I mentioned before…I couldn’t imagine hiring anyone else!“ – shared by Gina Liebeck, from Scottsdale, AZ, a client from an alternative corporate event which is consistent with all the feedback that Party Crashers Band receives whenever they perform.

Hailed as one of Utah’s most beloved and sought after live bands for corporate and celebrity events, and one of the most talented Top-40 cover bands in America, Party Crashers have performed for some of the country’s highest-profile destination celebrity weddings and corporate events all across the United States and around the world. They boast clients from exotic locations such as Cancun, Mexico; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Bahamas; Puerto Rico; Dominican Republic; Lisbon, Portugal, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and other exotic locales around the world.

“Best Utah Bands is thrilled to showcase Party Crashers for this high-profile corporate event,” says Sally Johnson, Chief Entertainment Officer of Best Utah Bands. “Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re pleased to pair the kind of music entertainment our client wants for their event with a band that meets and exceeds their desired outcomes.”

Best Utah Bands represents renowned premier Utah bands for live performance music entertainment for clients wanting to hire live bands for special events, weddings, destination weddings, high-profile celebrity events, concerts, dances, fundraisers, parties and corporate functions – both in and out of the state of Utah. Some of the other bands they represent are No Limits, Metro Music Club, Liquid Blue, and New Soul Brigade.

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