Utah Folk and Bluegrass Bands

The State’s Premier Utah Bluegrass Music Bands

Utah’s Lonesome Folk Trio has become one of the most popular Utah bluegrass bands, and for good reason. This extremely talented bluegrass music ensemble has two state champions, one on the fiddle and the other on the mandolin. And their stand-up bass player is, to put it mildly, wow! With so much talent, they hold a big edge over most other musicians. If you want to see some lightning-quick fiddling at your event, you’ll love Lonesome Folk Trio. This award-winning ensemble is without a doubt one of the most skilled bluegrass and folk bands in the Intermountain West. They are the perfect addition to any state or county fair, music festival, private party, wedding, or corporate event.

The St. Boheme Folk Band, simply put, defies description. With a quaint folk sound and an Eastern European and French flavor, they deliver a unique sound that they like to call the “Musique of Paris.” Add a touch of alternative-folk mixed with Gypsy folk, and you’ve got a band that always leaves a lasting impression. St. Boheme beat out some tough competition to win the “Showdown to Slammys” contest held in Salt Lake, giving them instant recognition as one of the top folk bands in the state. Their unique sound comes from a combination of music genres and instruments, including mandolin, banjo, clarinet, upright bass, trumpet, xylophone, saxophone, violins, and mallet percussion. For a unique and magical evening of music, St. Boheme is always a crowd pleaser.

The Aaron Ashton Band is one of the most popular bluegrass and Americana bands in Utah, delivering everyone’s favorite bluegrass tunes with some of their own original bluegrass songs thrown in for good measure. Their fresh and upbeat music is a combination of Gypsy folk, Americana, Eastern European, and bluegrass. They blend together unique arrangements, stellar musicianship, and smooth melodies to create a fresh, original sound that crowds just can’t get enough of.